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Tribute to Pastor Siegmar Kohlenbrenner

By pastor Jean-Pierre Jannot

Just a few words to express what is deeply in my heart, concerning the departure with the Lord of our precious brother Siegmar.


During the short years when I was able to meet our dear brother Siegmar, I was able to rub shoulders with a true Christian, an example of simplicity and Christian Love, a man who not only believed and preached the deep Love of God, but who also lived this Love every day of his life, and during the time we knew each other.


He spent his life on this side of the resurrection, helping, giving, sharing and trying to make known to everyone, what Jesus Christ is accomplishing for us, not through an incomplete work, but a perfect work of Redemption from God to humankind, from the fallen human being.


Our dear brother lived what he believed.  He was an example for all those who knew him, and his departure is a heavy loss for all the churches, all the believers and believers of the Redemptive message of Jesus Christ.


But with great joy and Love, we will meet him on the other side very soon!


Our thoughts go to his large family, his church in Ottenbach and to all those who knew him.


May the Comforter be with everyone,

God bless you!


Pst. J-P. Jannot

ACL. La Gerbe Agitée – France


December 30,  2021

Some pictures of our brother Siegmar Kohlenbrenner's visit to Marseille